Borehole Clearance Surveys

Before undertaking any intrusive digging or borehole drilling, you should have a survey or clearance performed to make sure no obstacles or services are present in the dig area. Terrascan borehole clearance surveys are performed by our expert surveyors to accurately clear your planned borehole areas so you can drill or dig safely.

Borehole drilling like many other activities are accompanied by risks. Although we all take the greatest care to ensure all team members are kept safe, the worst possible accidents can happen if information is not available on services near or within the clearance area. We provide borehole clearances to make sure no obstacles or services are present within your proposed dig area.

We perform surveys to clear all types of boreholes including:

  • Commercial borehole clearance
  • Environmental window sampling / Core sampling
  • Water well borehole clearance
  • Domestic borehole clearances
  • Piling clearances
  • Trial pit clearances
  • Agricultural clearances
  • Ground structure clearance
  • Soil sampling
  • Security post installations
  • Building foundations

We also offer core drilling and soil sampling services. Our coring services include concrete and blacktop coring for a clean drill area or breaking out where a clean break is not required. If you need to perform environmental studies on the soil and ground make-up, we can provide you with our full package which includes a clearance survey, drilling work inside or outside of your buildings, and soil sampling and testing including permeability testing of both BRE 365 and NHBC 5.3 soakage tests.

If you would like to know more about our borehole surveys, please use our Contact Us form and we'd be happy to assist you. Or for a competitive quote give us a call on 01985 248 999 or email:

Borehole Clearance Surveys

Borehole survey

Borehole Survey

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