Underground Utility Surveys

A full underground feature mapping survey is required when you need the most comprehensive non-intrusive survey available. We use the latest technology including Radiodectection's top-of-the-range RD8000 locating tool, ground penetrating radar and of course, the vast experience of our senior surveyors who have been performing surveys for nearly 20 years.

In most cases, knowing the precise location of drains, electric cables, water pipes and underground features has an big impact on your projects. Terrascan's underground surveys give you the information and peace of mind you need to decide how to plan your developments and excavations.

We can deliver our survey results to you in many different ways. We can take your AutoCAD file and add our utility and feature layers, or we can work from an OS tile when a full topographical survey is not required. We can even deliver a hand scale drawing to help save you money on smaller projects.

We perform surveys to locate all buried utilities including:

  • Full Underground Utility Mapping survey
  • Single service or cable location
  • Ground penetrating radar surveys
  • Electromagnetic surveys
  • Subsurface Surveys
  • Non-conductive utility surveys
  • Petrol station surveys
  • Pinpoint borehole or trial pit locations
  • Utility Services Surveys

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best possible drainage surveys, being able to locate drains at depths of 15m using the most accurate equipment available. We also use ground penetrating radar specifically designed to locate underground services and utilities. Unlike some surveys we offer these benefits as part of our standard surveys.

With the recent introduction of the new BSI PAS128 standard, we are delighted to offer this level of specification to our clients. This new standard formalises the levels of detection taken to complete utility surveys and enables clients to understand the nature of their survey results.

If you would like to know more about our surveys, please use our Contact Us form and we'd be happy to assist you. Or for a competitive quote give us a call on 01985 248 999 or email: survey@terrascanuk.co.uk

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