Terrascan are based in the South West, UK and specialise in the precise location of any underground utility or buried object. A survey is necessary to accurately locate your targets and using our discovery survey techniques, offers the best quality location services available on the market today.

Our utility survey is performed to Level 4 as standard and gives you both mark-up onsite of underground services, including the depth and route of the discovered service or utility, and we produce an AutoCAD drawing either from scratch or layered onto your existing drawing. We use a combination of techniques including radar and EM cable location.

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Our borehole clearance package can be tailored to your needs. We offer the full package of surveying, drilling and soil testing to clear your planned excavation or borehole areas. We offer a real-time survey with onsite mark-up to ensure no services or obstructions are present, drilling to depths of 15m or more and soil sampling and testing.

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Terrascan's topographical survey follows industry best practice and provides top quality colour-coded drawings in AutoCAD format. We pick up all major features including buildings, pavements, kerbs, land features, fences and building names and numbers. We can also offer to-scale hand drawings for clients who do not require a full AutoCAD topo drawing.

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We are able to perform a full Level 5 (TSA standards) survey for clients who require a fixed area to be cleared. We perform our Level 5 survey by creating a grid pattern across the area and recording features and subsurface objects. We use dual frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology for this type of survey. Contact us for more details.

Utility Record Pack

In many cases an up to date record drawing is required. We can perform a full scale utility search to get an initial idea of the services and utilities that could be located across or within your site. Utility Record Packs are available on request and include major services. Contact us for more details.

Manhole Lifters

We design and make our own manhole keys and lifting systems. Our innovation team can design and make keys to lift most manholes including those in supermarket floors. Increasing success rates from 10% to 85%. Avoiding the need for breakout crews. Contact us for more details.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and our teams of professional surveyors ensure you get the service and results you need by combining scanning and radar techniques. We take pride in our work and demand the highest standards so you can be confident in our survey when you redevelop or excavate your sites.

Terrascan are a dedicated team of surveyors and experts who have over 18 years on-site experience with radar and EM scanning. We use the latest radio frequency and electromagnetic equipment including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to help identify and mark-out located targets including depths on all our surveys.

Using our techniques we can find both conductive and non-conductive objects without the need for intrusive or destructive methods ensuring you avoid any utility or service strikes.
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